Blessings leaven burdens

This morning, I checked in to Thomson Medical Centre for day surgery. I’ve been in Singapore for the last two weeks, waiting to do a couple of procedures I’d been hoping were unnecessary. Suffice to say that it’s girl stuff surgery, I’m waiting for results, and that’s all the detail that’s necessary for now.

What I’m thinking about today though is grace. The husband couldn’t take time off work to accompany me, in part because he already lost two weeks to dengue. And yes, that was terrifying. Small-t terrifying, but still terrifying. The last couple of times I’ve been under, I was comforted by knowing he was on the other end, ready to catch me as I came out.

Despite that, I feel blessed. Blessed in my friends, that my friend R came to ferry me home after surgery, even though she lives in the west end of Singapore, even though I’m staying in the east.

And she even brought me flowers!!!

That when my surgery date was confirmed, I immediately had friends—not just one!—ask who would be there to take me home after surgery.

That tonight I’ve been fed out of my sister’s fridge. That my sister and brother-in-law have had me stay with them the last two weeks, despite being busy and having a baby, and that what was supposed to be a weekend turned into two weeks! That I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with my amazing, adorable niece.

Someone being moody, hehheh.

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人见人爱。Yes, I’m totally biased. 🙂

That all week, and all today, I’ve had people care enough to ask me what’s going on, how I am.

That my sister-in-law is finally out of the hospital after 43 days, and can eat. That this eases the strain on my brother a little.

That I come from a country where I can walk down the street, in shorts, alone, late at night, and feel nothing at all, that worrying about my safety isn’t the first, or even the second, or the third, thing on my mind. That I can even walk along the street at all without dodging open drains, random gawkers, traffic, importunate strangers.

And where you see all of this on one road.

That my friend C has been, as usual, open with his home and his time and his appetite, and will also be accompanying me to the airport on Friday so I don’t have to schlep my own bags.

Mmm, amazing burger at Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chop House, with C.

Meat and oysters. My mouth was very happy; my waistline perhaps less so.

That my friends have made time for me, to go shopping, trawling Katong for food, to play Rock Band, to eat very good food, to waste time trying to figure out a labyrinthine board game. 🙂

Thank you, universe. More often than not, I forget this, but that doesn’t make it any less true: I am lucky to be loved in so many ways, by so many people. Thank you all. ❤


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