Kitchen Metaphors, or Why I Probably Need More Adult Conversation

My hands are wet, and starting to feel a little chapped, but the fridge is full of things that don’t look good to eat:

  • a bowl full of raw chicken marinating in spices
  • a bowl of turkey giblets and turkey neck, which were cooking in the slow cooker all last night
  • another bowl full of rich, dark turkey broth (see slow cooker above)
  • a freezer container with jellied turkey pan drippings

In the freezer:

  • celery, onions, carrots, mixed with tiny bits of turkey meat, left over from the slow cooker
  • package after package of frozen turkey meat

But out of all this unloveliness will come delicious things like turkey giblet gravy, a butter chicken curry for dinner tonight, and lots of turkey sandwiches and salads and pastas. And I think to myself that this must be some kind of metaphor for the ugliness we must pass through and endure in order to get to a better state of being, because a difficult year is drawing to a close, I’m starting on my fourth zodiac cycle*, and it’s starting to look like I can hope that there will be many good things happening next year.

Stories to come — we took a short vacation to Bali, I turned 36, I just signed up for Antigravity yoga teacher training, and oh boy do I have tons of photos to post, along with a couple of places to review.

But practical things first: I need to put the rice on for dinner tonight. And this is why I’m not a tai-tai, haha!

* I was born in the year of the (Fire) Snake. The Chinese zodiac cycle is 12 years, 12 animals, and I just turned 36, hence starting on the 4th cycle. Technically, I suppose, a full cycle with all 12 animals and 5 elements would be 60 years, but hello, most people don’t get enough years to count more than one!


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