Grinchy Grinchy Grinchy

I have just about had it with people today.

On the bus on the way to town today, there’s someone who plays music loudly on their phone, sans earphones, for some fifteen minutes.

On the way back, there’s some doofus whose message notification sound is a particularly high-pitched series of chimes. They’re actively messaging and the damn sound goes off every five seconds, just long enough for you to hope that it’s stopped, only to have your hopes shattered by the next *ting ting TINNNNNG*. This goes on from Tanglin Road all the way to Pandan Valley.

And just a couple of minutes ago, I’m at the florist waiting in line to order some flowers. I get to the front of the line with no one behind me, and start asking the florist questions about my purchase. An older lady (40s? 50s? I can’t tell anyone’s age anymore) comes up behind me and picks up some cellophane-wrapped chrysanthemums and carnations. I’m literally in mid-sentence with the florist when this woman waves the flowers she’s picked up at the florist, and breaks in, “This one how much?” I turn and look at her. “Sorry ah, sorry ah, just asking,” she says. She continues waving the flowers at the florist, who proceeds to answer her. (!!)

I think, “Okay, never mind, she’s oblivious, it’s one question, it’s Christmas, let it go, let it go…” I turn back to the florist and ask if it’s possible to have the bouquet made up as an arrangement instead, and we walk to the fridge to have a look.

We return to the counter, and I get as far as “I’ll take…” when the woman breaks in again. “If I want this one, the carnation buy what colour?” Something small snaps inside me and I swing around. I say, very calmly, and quite evenly, “I was literally in the middle of talking to the florist here. Don’t you think it’s a bit rude to interrupt like this?”

She looks slightly taken aback, and so does the florist. But she shuts up, and I return to my discussion with the florist as if nothing has happened. All of this, by the way, takes place in maybe ninety seconds. I finish my transaction, and I don’t see or hear from her again.

What is this? What is with people behaving as if no one else exists in a common space? Use closed-back earbuds on public transport. If your phone keeps going off with messages and alerts in an enclosed space, put it on silent mode. WAIT YOUR TURN.

I realise I sound super Grinchy here. But really!

Anyway, the husband is cooking Christmas dinner, and the rabbit is begging for treats, driven insane by the smell of apples being peeled. So we’re going to huddle up at home with the cat and the rabbit, away from people, and eat good food and knit and be quiet and happy together.

Merry Christmas, everyone. (Yes, even those berks.)  


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