Why Full Fat Life? I’ve always been neurotic: about doing the right thing, about making sure I met up with expectations, about being the best version of me I could be… obviously many of the things I was trying to do weren’t exactly compatible, plus dealing with all the weight of that was exhausting.

It came to a head for me sometime in my late teens or early twenties, when I decided I was tired of half-measures, of being safe, of automatically picking the low-fat milk or yoghurt. I decided I wanted all the sweetness and richness life had to offer, or at least to be open to the possibility of it. Yes, there would be a price to pay, but part of that philosophy was making informed choices, not just taking the knee-jerk “correct” or “safe” option.

I still drink low-fat milk. But I buy full-fat cream cheese and Greek yoghurt now because it tastes better, and life’s too short not to allow yourself full-fat when you want it.


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